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One of the biggest decisions you will probably make in your lifetime is careers, jobs & employment. Itís not something you just wake up one day and say, ďI think I want to do this for a living.Ē is culmination of dreams, talents, and abilities. Itís something that should be given a lot of thought and consideration.

How do you go about careers, jobs & employment? For some people, itís a breeze. Itís a childhood dream that has never really gone away. Others, however, are lost when it comes to figuring out what they want to do when they ďgrow upĒ. There are lost souls everywhere who toil away at jobs they work at just because they need to bring in a paycheck. For some people, this is fine with them and they make a career out of what they have to do not what they necessarily want to do.

If youíre unsure about path, why donít you start by considering what it is you like to do the most. Are you a whiz at computers? How about a computer technician or software programmer? Maybe youíve always been able to whip up a mean batch of brownies. Then a chef or baker could be the career for you.

You also need to take a look at the job market and see what types of jobs are out there now. Do you always see ads in the help wanted section for nurses? Maybe you should check out your local collegeís nursing program. There are almost always advertisements for salespeople. This job just takes a convincing personality with a gift for gab. Go for it, if you think it could make you happy!

One part of is looking at your abilities both physically and mentally. If you hate working with numbers, then youíll want to steer clear of the financial world. But if youíve always been good doing other peopleís hair and nails, check out cosmetology as a career path.

If you canít perform the job to the best of your abilities, you are going to be disappointed. So donít try to get into a career that will limit you. Always look for places where you can advance beyond the starting position you begin at. There are many company presidents in the business world who truly did start in the mailroom and worked their way up the corporate ladder.

Choosing a career is a big decision, so do it with care, but do it with excitement as well. You could be starting a new phase of your life and it could be the best part ever!

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