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We Create Virtual Tycoons & Virtual Real Estate Developers

We offer a wide range of options for services. Our services are based upon increasing our customers awareness of secret e-commerce opportunities, strategies & solutions to the online merchant problems.

We can HELP YOU from start to finish in getting your business anywhere from start-up to full time corporate status.

We even have some opportunities to HELP you generate revenue streams & cash flows. Many of these are turnkey operations that you just plug in and they can start to generate revenue for you 24/7. Just a note, you do have to market & promote these because they don't just make money magically appear. Regardless to what some others may claim on the internet.

We Primarily do:

  • Internet Consulting
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Website Development
  • Business Branding & Online Presence
  • Product Development
  • Domain Building
  • Internet Promotions
  • Internet Management
  • Internet Mentoring
  • Content Services 

If your chosen niche has a variety of companies providing useful services you might want to include a list of them on your site. This will help to build up the content and, if you use appropriate keywords and phrases, it will also improve the relevance of your site as far as the major search engines are concerned.

Some service providers have affiliate programs. If this is the case for your chosen niche it is worth signing up for these programs and using the affiliate links rather than standard links as this will help to generate additional revenues for you.

If you are featuring links off to a third-party information page, perhaps describing their service(s), be sure to set your link properties so that the web page opens in a new window. Right click the link here to check out the property settings - the 'target' should be '_new'. This ensures that in viewing more information about any recommended service(s) the visitor does not leave your site entirely - your site remains open behind the new window.

Tip: If you are featuring links to, and/or recommendations of, particular companies' services, don't be afraid to ask them for a 'reciprocal link'. This means that in return for your recommendation of their services, they place a link back to your web site upon their own site. This is a crucial part of link-building and can have a marked impact on your site's ranking in the search engines.



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