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We came to be as the result of a tragic accident to our founder. Since he was ran into by a car while riding his motorcycle. He had to find a new vocation, due to the injuries he sustained. He created a business plan and submitted it to Montana's  Vocational Rehab program, becoming the first in the state to become a self employed webmaster.  Then he began teaching himself the ins and outs of the online merchant business and all aspects of e-commerce.

He also began his work of creating HELP Institute. The HELP Institute core or prime directive is a program, database, referral system, and community network called HELP (Handicapped Employment Living Program) which matches people to programs and programs to people. He utilizes this system to HELP him in his work as a community organizer and advocate to HELP others to find services and programs they need to overcome their disabilities.

Due to his circumstances he encountered, he is driven to find the secrets, solutions and strategies for e-commerce to help others find self security and self sufficiency. From this philosophy we have added our efforts with our circle of family and friends to embrace and expand his core beliefs into a working blueprint for others to follow.

Business: Web Wizards 
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Brian Coplin


Web Wizards
1805 Joslyn St #129



Tip: You may wish to consider using the 'e-mail cloaking' script (available from the right-click menu, in the Script Wizard. This stops 'spam robots' from harvesting your email addresses from the site, whilst still allowing genuine customers to contact you.



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